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Best male sex dolls for gay sex

Here is our hand-picked selection of the 10 best male sex dolls on the market, with links to the store pages where you can buy the sex toys safe and anonymously from the comfort of your own home. No boyfriend, no problem. These dolls will get you through those lonely nights or dry spells, with their firm smooth-to-the-touch bodies, tight buttholes, and big shafts. Take on the role as the top or the bottom while enjoying your new buddy. The sex dolls on this top 10 list are picked due to their average customer ratings, material durability, and price. By researching hundreds of products, we have found the very best of the best and put them in one place. The gay sex toys list may change from time to time as new products are released. Disclaimer: Mens Adult Shop is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an online affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon

Best male sex dolls





Best male sex dolls top 10 list

Fuck Me Silly Man: Gay sex doll for riding. This one is for you size queen bottoms

Best male sex dolls top 10 list


Sohimi Anal Sex Doll: Soft smooth male ass doll for gay tops, with balls below for realism

Best male sex dolls top 10 list

Fuck My Hard Cock: Tight asshole for penetrating and a big fat dildo for riding

Best male sex dolls top 10 list

Shemale brown sex doll: Enjoy the round firm tits, ride the big dick, or bone the butt

Best male sex dolls top 10 list

Double Up Dennis: Male lower parts doll with a huge penis and a tight hole for boning

Best male sex dolls top 10 list

Fuck My Tight Ass: Realistic looking skin with a soft material. Sex toy for gay tops

Best male sex dolls top 10 list

Kuuval Male Torso: Riped muscles, big dick, smooth balls, and a tight butthole

Best male sex dolls top 10 list


Deruiissk male torso: Highly popular gay sex doll. Up to you to be the top or bottom

Best male sex dolls top 10 list


Chiseled Chad: Gay sex doll with a big dildo and a tight anal hole for two way fun

Best male sex dolls top 10 list

Male torso sex doll: Ripped gay sex toy for tops and bottoms. Big dick and a tight hole

Detailed product information for the top 10 gay sex toys

Below you can read more information about the male dolls listed above, with product specifications regarding sizes, the material used, and any other info that might be useful. Treat yourself to a new toy for your little buddy and replace the boring masturbation sessions with something that feels like the real deal. The prices on these toys won’t break the bank either, so here you get a lot of bang for the bucks. Should you however be looking for something else than male dolls, check out the other categories on Mens Adult Shop for more toys


Fuck Me Silly Man: Mega masturbator for gay bottoms

The Fuck Me Silly Man is the ultimate gay sex toy for bottoms who like big dicks, but don’t have a sex partner available. Equipped with a 20 cm / 8 inches veiny dick that’s always ready to take a beating, this doll will make you forget about the lack of boyfriends and one-night stands. The total height of the torso is 31 cm / 12 inches and has a depth of 36 cm / 14 inches, making it easy to store when you are done pleasuring yourself with it

Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator

Fuck Me Silly Man


Sohimi anal sex doll: Firm ass and a tight hole for gay tops

This anal sex doll from Sohimi is for the gay tops who prefer penetrating instead of masturbation. With this sex toy you always have a tight butt available, ready to be filled up whenever you feel for it. Made out of high-quality silicone that feels realistic to touch, just like real skin. Realistic anal channel molded by 3D printing technology, taking sex dolls to a whole new level, easy to clean after use as well. The dimensions on this butt toy are 27.5 cm length x 20 cm width x 11 cm depth. In inches that is 10.83 length x 7.87 width x 4.3 depth

Sohimi anal sex doll

Sohimi anal sex doll


Fuck My Hard Cock: Mega masturbator from Pipedream

Another popular gay sex toy from the manufacturer Pipedream Extreme is the Fuck My Hard Cock mega masturbator, equipped with a 17.8 cm / 7 inches long dick that has a width of 3.8 cm / 1.5 inches. With a name like that, I assume the target audience is the gay bottoms. But if you are in the mood to be the top, there is a tight butthole ready to take your load just below the smooth silicone balls. Made of realistic Fanta Flesh that feels like the real thing. Easy to clean after use with hot water and the included sex toy cleaner

Fuck My Hard Cock male masturbator

Fuck My Hard Cock


Shemale sex doll: Combining the best of both worlds

This shemale sex doll has a pair of round firm tits, a big rugged cock, and an anal opening for penetrating. Now you can enjoy anal sex while playing with the boobs and feeling the dick at the same time. The flat base on the back keeps the love doll stable while laying in the bed, or any other surface that is flat. Made of hypoallergenic TPE material that feels like real human skin, soft to the touch and elastic. Measurements on the torso are 50 cm / 19.7 inches with a depth of 16 cm / 6.3 inches. The dildo length is 18 cm / 7.1 inches

Shemale sex doll

Shemale brown sex doll


Double up Dennis: Big dildo and a tight anal opening

Dennis is the sex partner that will never let you down, always ready to give or receive cock whenever you want. Made from realistic Sex Flesh to emulate the real deal, with a firm muscular body that is flexible. The big meaty dildo on Dennis has a length of 21.5 cm / 8.5 inches, while the total torso length is 29 cm / 11.5 inches. The cum depot in the anal channel is easy to clean after you have planted your seeds inside it

Double up Dennis gay sex doll

Double up Dennis


Fuck My Tight Ass: Male gay love doll from Pipedream

The name of this sex toy pretty much describes its purpose. Fuck My Tight Ass from Pipedream Extreme is the bottom that’s always ready to receive your package. Smooth lifelike skin with a tight anal opening that feels like a real fuckhole. Hot little ass with a pair of balls for realism, easy to stash away in a closet while not being used. Length: 30 cm / 12 inches Width: 35 cm / 13.7 inches Depth: 12 cm / 4.7 inches. Depth is the height of the doll when it’s laid flat, not the length of the anal channel, in case you worried about that

Fuck My Tight Ass sex toy

Fuck My Tight Ass


Kuuval male torso doll: Ripped muscles and a big dildo

Here is the hung stud that’s always ready to let you ride his big hard cock while resting your hands on the ripped muscular chest. This male torso sex doll from Kuuval has a soft elastic material that feels like real human skin to the touch, with chiseled muscles and a pair of soft balls to squeeze. There is no anal opening for penetration here, so this one is solely meant for bottoms or chicks. The torso length is 52 cm / 20.8 inches with a width of 36 cm / 14.2 inches, while the dildo length is 20 cm / 7.8 inches with a width of 5 cm / 2 inches

Kuuval male gay sex doll

Kuuval male torso doll


Deruiissk cock and body: Male doll for tops and bottoms

The male gay sex doll from Deruiisk is one of the best-selling torso toys on the market, packed with muscles and a big dick. The doll is made of silicone and has an 18 cm / 7.1 inches long flexible dildo with a width of 4 cm / 1.57 inches. Shaped with realistic veins to simulate a real pumped-up penis. The size of the doll itself is 53 cm / 20.8 inches in length, 33 cm / 13 inches in width, and has a weight of 6.8 kg / 15 pounds. This doll is also available in black and as a shemale version on the store page, in case you would prefer those choices

Deruiissk male torso silicone doll

Deruiissk male sex doll


Chiseled Chad male sex doll: Big dildo and an anal opening

Chiseled Chad is a gay sex toy from the manufacturer SexFlesh, made out of TPE material, which btw means thermoplastic elastomers. Flexible, yet firm, Chad’s muscles and big dick are made to feel just like a real muscular body. The anal opening also exits in the back, making it super easy to clean after you have done your business. Chiseled Chad is equipped with a dildo size of 20 cm / 8 inches with a width of 5 cm / 2 inches. Measurements for the whole torso love doll is 45 cm / 18 inches in length, with a width of 38 cm / 15 inches

Chiseled Chad male sex doll

Chiseled Chad male sex doll


Male torso love doll: Large dildo with a tight asshole

This male torso sex toy from the producer FST is made of body-safe and skin-friendly hypoallergenic TPE material, with flexible skin and a big dildo that can be bent at any angle you want. Odorless and easy to clean after you have used it, be it the front or the back. The flat base keeps the love doll steady while you do your business. The 17 cm / 7 inches long dildo is ready for action whenever you feel for it, rugged with veins for maximum satisfaction. The total body size is 53 cm / 21 inches in length and has a width of 33 cm / 13 inches

Male torso love doll

Male torso love doll