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Best dildos to buy online in 2021

These are the 10 best dildos to buy online and have shipped straight to your home in anonymous boxes for your privacy convenience. The dildos on this list are carefully selected from hundreds of products, filtering out the crap so that only the finest and most popular choices remain. Mens Adult Shop picked the ones that are made out of quality material, handles a beating, has a fair price, and has great average customer reviews from verified buyers. The remaining 10 dildos have various shapes, lengths, and girts, leaving something for every taste. When you don’t have access to the real deal, a dildo is the second best, remember to get lube as well. This list updates from time to time, as new better products take the spots of old ones. Disclaimer: Mens Adult Shop is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an online affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon

Best dildos to buy





Best dildos to buy online in 2021

Pure Love black dildo: Ribbed 7 inch fantasy dildo with a suction cup base for surfaces

Best dildos to buy online in 2021


Umania 9 inch dildo: Realistic big dick that looks and feels just like a real hard cock

Best dildos to buy online in 2021

Nabini 12 inch dildo: Big thick dildo for the size queens. Shaped to look like a real dick

Best dildos to buy online in 2021

YosPoss 10 inch: Big veiny realistic dick with a suction cup for mounting on surfaces

Best dildos to buy online in 2021

Doc Johnson 12 inch: Huge dildo in both length and thickness. The girth is 8.5 inches

Best dildos to buy online in 2021

Anfei 9 inch realistic dildo: Very popular big fat dildo that's molded from a real penis

Best dildos to buy online in 2021


Tracys Dog 8 incher: Realistic looking dildo with foreskin to play with. Very popular one

Best dildos to buy online in 2021

Acvioo 7.7 inch dildo: Lifelike dildo with a strong suction cup for mounting on walls etc

Best dildos to buy online in 2021

WeDol 8.2 inch dildo: Thrusting dildo with remote control and a suction cup mount

Best dildos to buy online in 2021


PaloQueth thrusting 8.7 dildo: Bangs your butt like the real thing. Remote controled

Detailed product information for the top 10 best dildos

Below is more detailed information regarding the dildos from the top 10 list above, with product specifications regarding the size, material used, and any other info that might be useful. These dildos are the most popular ones on the market today, with the highest customer ratings and the lowest prices. These gay toys will get you through those periods where you have to take matters in your own hands. Check also out the rest of Mens Adult Shop for more best-selling male sex toys in other categories, if dildos are not what you were looking for


Pure Love: Big black 7 inch fantasy dildo with suction cup

The fantasy dildo from the manufacturer Pure Love has 17.5 cm / 7 inches of ribbed and studded silicone meat for the ultimate anal sensation, or vaginal, in case you are buying it for your girlfriend. Made from body-safe material that is easy to clean after use, compatible for harnesses, and has a suction cup base for mounting it on flat surfaces, like doors, the floor, or inside the shower. The width on this bad boy is 7.5 cm / 3 inches, having a total weight of 283 grams / 10 ounce. Very popular dildo choice amongst both genders

Pure Love black fantasy dildo

Pure Love fantasy dildo


Umania: Big realistic 9 inch dildo with suction cup base

If you are looking for a sex toy that looks and feels like a real big dick, you can’t go wrong with the popular Umania 22.5 cm / 9 inch dildo. Made to resemble an uncut penis with veins, wrinkly balls, and a realistic dickhead with the foreskin pulled down. Firm, yet flexible, made from medical-grade silicone that’s safe for the body. The strong suction cup lets you mount the dildo to any flat even surface. The width is 4.3 cm / 1.7 inches and it weighs 391 grams / 13.8 ounces. Perfect substitute when you don’t have access to a real guy

Umania realistic 9 inch dildo

Umania realistic dildo


Nabini: Huge thick 12 inch dildo for the size queens

Here is the largest dildo on the list. From Nabini comes this realistic-looking huge 30.5 cm / 12 inch dick with a shaft width of 5 cm / 2 inches, weighing 725 grams / 25.5 ounces. Made to look and feel like a real penis, with medical-grade odorless body-safe material that’s easy to clean after use. Enjoy it hands-free while taking a shower, the strong suction cup lets you mount it to flat even surfaces. This is one of the top choices when it comes to large dildos, the price won’t ruin you either, so here you get a lot of dildo for your bucks

Nabini huge 12 inch dildo

Nabini 12 inch dildo


YosPoss: Realistic looking dick with a suction cup base

This dildo from YosPoss will make you feel like you have the real deal inside you. Shaped to replicate a real penis, with veins and wrinkled balls for added realism. The suction cup lets you mount it on flat surfaces for hands-free use, also compatible with most harnesses. The total length of his toy is 25 cm / 10 inches with a width of 5 cm / 2 inches, weighing 635 grams / 22 ounces. Wash with warm water and a mild soap when you are done using it, store it in a cool dry place until you are ready for a new round. Also safe for dishwashers

YosPoss 10 inch silicone dildo

YosPoss 10 inch dildo


Doc Johnson: Long and thick 12 inches big black dildo

Here is another king-size dildo for those of you who like it big, and black. This beast of a sex toy comes from the manufacturer Doc Johnson and has a total length of 30 cm / 12 inches, with a shaft width of 6.8 cm / 2.7 inches, weighing a whopping 1.1 kg / 2.6 pounds. Made from Ultraskyn material that feels real to the touch, while remaining firm and flexible. Compatible with Vac-U-Lock harnesses if you have a girlfriend who wants to bang you with it. Clean with warm water with a mild anti-bacterial soap after you are done for the day

Doc Johnson big black 12 inch dildo

Doc Johnson black dildo


Anfei: Big realistic 9 inch dildo molded from a real penis

This dildo from Anfei is as close to a real penis as it gets, because it’s molded from one. Colored to look exactly like a real penis does, with a skin-toned shaft and a dark pink dickhead. Soft and flexible material that is body-safe and odorless. The strong suction cup at the base of the penis lets you mount it on any surface that is flat and even, ride it while mounted on the floor or fuck yourself while taking a shower. Measurements are 23 cm / 9 inches in length with a shaft width of 4.5 cm / 1.8 inches, weighing 463 grams / 16.3 ounces

Anfei 9 inch big realistic dildo

Anfei realistic 9 inch dildo


Tracys Dog: Popular uncut dick 8 inch dildo for beginners

The uncut dick dildo from Tracys Dog is one of the best-selling dildos for beginners. The total length is 20 cm / 8 inches with 16 cm / 6.5 inches of them being insertable. The width with its 3.8 cm / 1.5 inches is a bit narrower than most of the other ones on this list, making it more suitable for beginners, or as a warm-up dildo for the bigger ones. Realistic to the look, size, and feel of a real penis, with a flexible foreskin that you can play around with, either with the hand or the tongue. Made from body-safe odorless premium-grade silicone

Tracys Dog uncut penis 8 inch dildo

Tracys Dog uncut penis dildo


Avicoo: Realistic looking 7.7 inch dildo for beginners

Another popular dildo for beginners is the Avicoo 19.5 cm / 7.7 inches lifelike dick with a width of 3.8 cm / 1.5 inches. You don’t really have to be a beginner to enjoy normal-sized dildos instead of huge ones, but that’s how they usually are marketed. Made from medical-grade silicone that’s safe for the body and doesn’t smell, equipped with a suction cup at the base for mounting the dildo on flat even surfaces. Made to resemble a real uncut penis with veins and the foreskin pulled down. After use, wash it in warm water with a mild soap and let it dry before stashing it away. Very popular realistic dildo with a price that’s well below the average

Avicoo realistic looking dildo

Avicoo beginners dildo


WeDol: Automatic 8.2 inch thrusting dildo with remote

With the WeDol automatic thrusting dildo you can make your anal action feel more authentic. The tip of the dildo will go back and forth inside you while vibrating, you can lay back, bend over, or squat over while toggling between the various modes with the included remote control. The dildo itself is made from body-safe medical-grade silicone, with a realistic look and shape. Total length of the dildo itself is 29 cm / 11.4 inches, with a width of 4 cm / 1.64 inches. While using the thruster, the dick expands and detracts 3 cm / 1.18 inches

WeDol thrusting 8.2 inch dildo

WeDol thrusting dildo


Paloqueth: Remote controlled 8.7 inch automatic dildo

The best-selling automatic thrusting dildo is this version from the manufacturer PaloQueth, operated with the included remote control that lets you adjust the vibration and thrusting modes while playing with it. The suction cup base lets you mount the dildo on doors, floors, shower, and whatnot. The total length of the dildo is 22 cm / 8.7 inches, having a width of 4 cm / 1.57 inches. While using the thrusting feature, it expands and detracts 3 cm / 1.2 inches, making it feel like you are getting boned by a real dick. The recharging port is hidden behind the balls with a sealed port, making it safe to use in water as well. Wash it like a regular dildo after use

PaloQueth thrusting dildo

PaloQueth thrusting dildo