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Category: Condoms And Lube

Buy condoms and lube from the comfort of your own home. Mens Adult Shop have handpicked a large variety of quality condoms and lubes at great prices and good reviews. Order online safe and anonymous

EDITORS CHOICE Passion Licks Lubricants

Passion Licks Lubricants

Enjoy all three flavors of Passion Licks with one mouth watering set that is completely body friendly. There is absolutely no sugar or artificial sweeteners used in these ...

MOST POPULAR Durex Invisible Condoms

Durex Invisible Condoms

This pack contains 16 extra thin Durex Invisible condoms with maximum sensitivity and the feel of a closer connection. High level of protection with a pleasant scent, thrusted by ...

EDITORS CHOICE Lulu Natural Water Based Lube

Lulu Natural Water Based Lube

The Lulu Water Based Lubricant is totally free of glycerin and parabens, making it suitable for sensitive skin. This thick longer lasting water based sex gel gives a lot of ...

MOST POPULAR Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive

Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive

Feel more of her so she can feel more of you. The Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive condoms enhance sensitivity for a more natural, pleasurable feel. Premium quality latex specially ...


Wet Unicorn Spit

Why would you not want a lube with the fancy name Wet Unicorn Spit. This water based lubricant even have a donut flavour, and it's completely sugar free. Perfect when you are on a ...

MOST POPULAR Lynk Pleasure Lubricant

Lynk Pleasure Lubricant

Specially formulated anal lubricant designed to maximize pleasure during intercourse. The Lynk Pleasure Lubricant is a very popular lube that never gets sticky or leaves stains. ...

BEST PRICE Trojan Pleasure Pack

Trojan Pleasure Pack

The Trojan Pleasure Pack contains 40 assorted of their most stimulating condoms. Lubricated premium latex condoms for risk reducement and top comfort and sensitivity. The pleasure ...

EDITORS CHOICE Aloe Cadabra Lubricant

Aloe Cadabra Lubricant

Natural sex lube with aloe vera as the main ingredient. The Aloe Cadabra is perfect if you have sensitive skin, as it is free of parabens and glycerine. Silky smooth lube, stain ...

MOST POPULAR Isabel Fay Water Based Lube

Isabel Fay Water Based Lube

The Isabel Fay Water Based Lube is perfect if you have sensitive skin, as it is free for glycerin and parabens. Colorless and odorless, cleans up easily and does not leave stains. ...

BEST PRICE Skyn 24 Original Condoms

Skyn 24 Original Condoms

Feel everything with the Skyn Original Condoms Made from SKYNFEEL, a non-latex soft material that you’ll find barely noticeable but as strong as premium latex. Lubricated with ...

EDITORS CHOICE Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant

Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant

You can't go wrong with the Gun Oil Silicone Lube. Designed for the most hardcore bedroom soliders, provides a slick long lasting lubricant for top performance. Water resistant ...

BEST VALUE Sustain Ultra Thin Condoms

Sustain Ultra Thin Condoms

This item contains 2 10 packs of Sustain Ultra Thin Condoms. Take control of your sexual wellness by being prepared with protection. Discreet packaging keeps your private life ...

BEST VALUE Trojan ENZ Condoms 36 Pack

Trojan ENZ Condoms 36 Pack

The Trojan ENZ Condoms are the number one choice in America. These condoms are made from premium quality latex that reduce the risks of catching any diseases. Silky smooth ...