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Best seller

Lube Life cotton candy lubricant

Would you like some cotton candy scent and flavor with that penis or vagina? The best-selling sex lube is the one right here, over 80.000 sold

UberLube natural silicone sex lube

From UberLube comes this highly popular silicone-based sex lubricant with a neutral scent and flavor, long-lasting, non-sticky, and stainless

Turn On water-based sex lube

Turn On is a hypoallergenic paraben-free water-based sex lubricant that also moisturizes the body, compatible with all common condoms
Best seller

Aloe Cadabra natural sex lube

Aloe Cadabra is the number one choice for natural sex lubricants, made from 95% food-grade Aloe Vera that's safe for the skin
Top choice

Swiss Navy silicone sex lube

One of the best choices when it comes to sex lubes is the famous Swiss Navy brand. Highly popular lube that doesn't leave any stains and..
Best seller

Astroglide waterproof sex lube

Highly popular silicone-based waterproof sex lubricant from Astroglide, with neutral flavor and scent. Great choice for sex and masturbation

Gun Oil H20 water sex lubricant

Gun Oil is a popular sex lubricant that's been around for almost two decades, pumping out one of the best lubes there is. With Aloe Vera for..

Astroglide Strawberry flavored lube

From the manufacturer Astroglide comes this popular water-based sex lubricant with the taste and scent of strawberries. Perfect lube for oral..
Top choice

Honey water-based sex lubricant

Plain and simple water-based sex lube without any scent or flavors. Perfectly safe to use for people with sensitive skin, and on most types of..
Top choice

Wet flavoured sex lubricants

When it comes to sex lubes with scents and flavors, the most popular choice is the water-based Wet series. 14 different exciting flavors..


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